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The National Council of Private Enterprises, Inc. (CONEP)

CONEP is the organization that groups most of the private-sector companies in the Dominican Republic.

This institution’s leadership is grounded in the credibility it has earned thanks to its coherent trajectory in the areas it is involved with.



CONEP’s mission is to lead the strengthening of the free enterprise system, by actively participating as an agent of change and transformation in the consolidation of democracy and its institutions, in order to promote the economic and social development of the Dominican nation.




  • The defense, development and diversification of the national economy based on the private enterprise system and the free initiative within a legal system that guarantees fundamental rights.


  • The representation, meaning, support and defense of its members, according to the to the by-laws, and dispositions established by the General Assembly of Members, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee.


In order to achieve these ends, the CONEP has the following means, faculties and duties:


  • Consider, support, and resolve the issues that correspond to the principles and common interests of its members in front of Powers, Organizations, and Public or Private Entities.
  • Study the problems that affect the national economy, and suggest measures for their solution, looking after their effective application.
  • Cooperate with the Government and its autonomous organizations in solving problems that affect the national economy, by promoting the development of economic activities that benefit the nation and by participating in initiatives that look to increase general welfare.
  • Represent and defend the collective rights of its members and coordinate the activities and actions of the country’s business sectors.
  • Advise its members on defending their rights.
  • Defend the right of the private initiative and free enterprise; the right to the private property as it is stated in the Constitution; the right to fair and prior compensation, to which all persons whose property has been expropriated for reasons of public or social utility are entitled.
  • Promote the unification of the business sector and advocate for the coordination of their activities in society.
  • To ensure that situations and problems affecting a given sector of the economy are presented to the Council for its consideration, and hold all the necessary meetings with the associations who represent the specific sectors involved.
  • To promote the understanding of labor-employer relations within the framework of the law, without prejudice to the parties; to keep cordial relations and the right balance, for the benefit of both sides, tending towards the progressive improvement of workers and employees, increased productivity, and the establishment of social justice.
  • To analyze and evaluate the social, economic and legal problems of the country, in order to arrive at definitions and programs of action to guide the participation of the business sector in the country’s life. To spread the business thesis.
  • Comply conciliatory and harmonizing functions of the different general interests represented by the entities that comprise it. Being a consultative body, conciliation or arbitration in the private interests of its member organizations at their request.
  • To foster and support the incorporation of existing private business associations to CONEP.
  • To establish relations with similar entities of other countries and with international organizations, whose principles and activities are consistent with those of CONEP.
  • To Assume the functions of the Dominican Section of the Inter-American Council of Commerce and Production (IACPP) of the Organization of American States (OAS), taking over all the rights and obligations associated with this representation.

Meet our CEO

Pedro Brache | CONEP president

Licenciado en Negocios con especialidad en Finanzas y Contabilidad en Syracuse University y maestría con especialidad en Mercadeo Internacional de la American University.

En 1989 comenzó a laborar en el Grupo Rica, trabajando en diferentes áreas y departamentos tanto de Pasteurizadora Rica como de las demás empresas que componen el Grupo. En 1999 fue nombrado Presidente Ejecutivo Corporativo, cargo que ejerce actualmente.

El señor Brache es Presidente del Consejo de Directores de la Junta Agroempresarial (JAD), y miembro de los Consejos de Administración del Grupo Rica, del Grupo Popular, de la Cámara Americana de Comercio, de la Fundación Juan Ml. Taveras Rodríguez, Inc., y de la Fundación Rica.

Pertenece a Young President’s Organization (YPO), donde fue Chapter Chair del capítulo República Dominicana, así como a las Cámaras de Comercio Británica, Española y Mexicana. Dirige el programa de responsabilidad social Sanar una Nación, y participa también en varias instituciones caritativas.

En el 2013 se integra al Comité Ejecutivo del CONEP como vocal, hasta el año 2015 y pasa a ser Segundo Vicepresidente de la Junta de Directores para el periodo 2015-2017.



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